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Marine Department

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Contact Point After Office Hours

Shipowners, ship managers or ship masters who want to contact the Marine Department after office hours regarding urgent matters for Hong Kong registered ships can make such contact to the Vessel Traffic Centre at the following address and telephone:-

  Vessel Traffic Centre (manned 24 hours)
  5th floor, Outer Island
  Hong Kong - Macau Ferry Terminal
  Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
  Tel.:  (852) 2233 7808
  Fax.:   (852) 2858 6646

In order that we can proceed with your case expeditiously, person who approaches the Vessel Traffic Centre after office hours should as far as possible:-

(a) identify the nature of the urgent matter under the following categories:-

  • Crew matters
  • Accidents
  • Crew certificates/licences
  • Surveys including trading certificates and exemptions
  • Port State detention at foreign ports
  • Ship registration
  • Ship security matters
  • Others (please specify)

(b) inform the duty officer of the Vessel Traffic Centre under which category the concerned matter is identified in accordance with the above sub-paragraph (a) and make a concise description about the concerned matter; and

(c) inform the duty officer his identity and contact method (e.g. telephone number, fax number or E-mail address ).

The duty officer of the Vessel Traffic Centre will then relay the concerned matter to an appropriate officer for immediate follow up action.

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